Inflationsspiel (Weimarer Republik)

Inflationsspiel (Weimarer Republik)


The hyper-inflation of the Weimar Republic and the rise of extremism in Germany


Villagers will relive the political, economic, and social conditions of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Adolf Hitler during a period of hyper-inflation.


  • Large amounts of play money in different colors and denominations

  • Develop price reform system to encourage inflation


  • Brief counselors for the Simulation -- write explanation sheets for group leaders with rotation and other information they will need.

  • Prepare work stations and food distribution system

  • Decide which counselors are going to run for parliament and brief them on their positions


  • Divide villagers into work groups with one counselor accompanying each group

  • Brief villagers on the situation, but do not tell them what they are simulating, you want them to chose their own leaders, not necessarily the candidates from the extreme right

  • Villagers perform a menial labor task and receive enough money for a portion of their dinner, but will have to return to work to pay for the second and third portions. Each round the price of the food will increase, as will their pay until the third or fourth round when there is hyper-inflation and no one can afford to eat. Meanwhile there will be candidates campaigning for Chancellor, representing parties spanning the political spectrum, each promising that their social agenda will cure the social woes facing the country. After each inflationary period there is an election.

  • When everyone has eaten and a final election is held, hold a debriefing that explains the situation that faced Germany from 1919-1933.