Waldsee villagers have experienced everything from German Reunification to a day in the German school system. Some of these are very intense, and bring up many emotions for the villagers. They need to be handled with different levels of care depending on the content, and should be targeted to appropriate age groups. Often, simulations are camouflaged as games and the participants only discover the true nature of the situation after the activity is over.

Debriefing is the most important part of any simulation, and particularly the headier ones like the Dada Kunstreit-Holocaust simulation. The villagers need a way to express themselves and decompress after many of these activities. Think about what you should be asking at the debriefing, and whether the simulation and/or the debriefing should be in German or English (note that this is one of the ONLY times we speak English in front of the group -- the decision to do so should not be taken lightly!).