Stoertebecker's Kaperfahrt

Das Spiel:

In this game there are two groups; Pirates and "Hansa." The pirates need to transport their treasure (poker chips) across a certain field or area to the opposite side. The Hansa are trying to stop the pirates from doing this and are trying to take the treasure away from the pirates. The children are then divided into two teams, pirates and hansa, but there are more pirates than there are hansa. On one side of the camp there is a mound of treasure (poker chips) with different values on them spanning from 5 to 100. There should be more smaller valued chips than higher valued chips. The hansa are in between the two locations, therefore the pirates must pass through the hansa to deposit their treasure. If a hansa tags a pirate the pirate must hand over the piece of treasure they are carrying, but are allowed to go free to get more treasure. The hansa have a place to deposit the treasure they take away from the pirates. The goal is for each team to get the most "treasure" to their base by the end of the game. Treasure left at the Pirate ship does not count (of course.)

Das Vorspiel:

Stoertebecker and his band of pirates come out looking injured, limping, etc. They then tell the children that they have had a ship wreck before reaching the location where their treasure was going to be hidden. These two locations are on opposite sides of the camp. They say that they need the children to help them transport the treasure. Out of no where Hansa officers, dressed offical and military-like come out of no where and chase the pirates out of sight. The Hansa then introduce themselves and say that they want to stop the pirates and take back the money, they therefore need recruits to help them.

Was Braucht Man:

about 300 poker chips