The Erzähler tells that in the city of Hammeln, the Bürgermeister realizes that there is a rat infestation. As the Bürgermeister tells the children about the infestation, the Ratten run through the crowd and around the Marktplatz. The Bürgermeister asks "Who can help get rid of the rats?" and the Rattenfänger shows up with his instrument (Flute, Recorder, etc.) and tells the Buergermeister that he will capture the Ratten for a price, 10,000 Gilder. The Bürgermeister agrees and enchants the Ratten and brings them into the Gefängnis. The Bürgermeister refuses to pay, and the Rattenfänger stops playing, which sends the Ratten into a frenzy and they run into the woods. The Erzähler asks the children for help, and tells them that they need to ask questions auf Deutsch or sing deutsche Lieder in order to enchant them and bring them back to the Gefängnis. The game goes on until time runs out(Glocke läutet) or all the Ratten are captured. Endings: The Bürgermeister is carried away by the Ratten. The Kinder force the Buergermeister to pay the Rattenfänger. The Bürgermeister is taken to the Strand and thrown into the water.

Rules and policies:

Ratten only understand and respond to German songs and deutsche Fragen (Frage des Tages).

Kindergruppen need to hold onto their rope at all times and stay with their Gruppenleiter.

Ratten pretend to run, not actually run away.

Guard can occasionally let the Ratten out.

Counselor Positions:

Gruppenleitern (1 per group)




Ratten (Depends on the amount of groups)

(Need people to build Gefängnis)


10 foot lengths of rope (for the groups)


-Tent with ropes