Feste Schue and bug spray, long pants, jacket (because a scout is always prepared)

Maps of Waldsee with the stations

Each Gruppe gets a pamphlet with the 12 badges and badge requirements

-some things will be mandatory others are extra

-goal is to get as many things signed off as possible

Betreuer at each station, LKGW helpers

-each station leader has a different colored marker to color in the badge

-Rope or string for knot tying

-wood and kindling for fire building

-tents and/or sleeping bags for tent building station

-constellation map and facts about the night sky for astronomy

-kostumes from Kostumhaus related to weather conditions for weather relay

-Information about WAGGGS and WOSM world centers

-Scout Moto and Law written out as well as markers to draw on Halstuch

-archery supplies

-Song lyrics if a group needs them for learning a song

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Everything is focused more on the BdP which is the non-denominational organization in Germany.

Camp is divided into levels.

7-11 years: Wölflinge, yellow

11-15 years: Pfadfinder, blue

16+ years: Ranger und Rovers, red

Station leaders are green?.

Group dividing is done ahead of time and at dinner each kid gets a letter on their hand that will correspond to the group they are in for the Abendprogram. Either separated by Haus (Boy and girl Haus of similar age split in two co-ed groups) or first, camp is separated by age then the age groups are further divided into smaller teams. Groups should have at least 5 kids and at least 1 Betreuer. LKGW can help lead the stations, LKT and Lehrlinge are participants. During the time a Lagerfeuer will be built down on the Strand by Betreuer. Chai tea will also be prepared and brought down to the Strand (optional). The lead Betreuers will introduce the Abendprogram: goals, stations, group levels. Groups are then dismissed to start going through the stations.

At the end of each station the Gruppe “gets” a badge (colored in by the station leader). At the end everyone meets up at the Lagerfeuer. Lead Betreuers act as MCs and will alternate any groups that learned a song with a skit/story or Betreuer-led song. Congratulate groups that completed many badges as well as those that were only able to complete a few.

Station ideas:

(+required badges)

+a)Tying a friendship knot: Foulardknopf

-@ the beginning during the introduction

-can be done in conjunction with learning scout Moto and law

+b) Setting up tents

-@ Wasserschloss

-can be a race between two groups

-if time, also properly taking down and packing the tents

-everyone should be doing something

-have unrolled sleeping bags for the kids to learn to re-roll and pack

c) fire building

-@ Gedichtehaus fire pit

-Teach about the three things needed for a fire

-teach the two shapes Teepee and log house

-(maybe) have matches or lighter to try and light the fires

+d) dress for the weather relay

-@ Worpeswede: kostumhaus

-group divided into two teams or two groups against each other

-goal is to have a relay to dress up in clothing appropriate for a scenario called out by the station leader

e) learning about WAGGGS and WOSM and scouting in Germany

-@ peace pole by Biohaus

-world centers both guides and scout

-Scouts in Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein

+f) knot tying

-@ Baden-Baden

-learning three basic knots

-if someone knows the knots in the group have them help teach

-reasons you would need to know the knots

-tying a friendship knot on the Halstucher

g) learn an easy song to teach at campfire

-@ Waldbühne

-Schwyz i schön, Ich geh einmal spazieren, Schnitzelbank, Mein pony kommt, Vogellisi

+h) re-learn the recycling system at Waldsee

-@ Mühlhaus or Cafe Einbeck

-exactly like during Mumba

-learn about recycling in Germany


+i) learn the scout Moto and law

-@ vor dem Gasthof

-different for each age level

-come up with a group mascot (plant: acorn, pine, fir, birch, sunflower or animal: squirrel, dragon, unicorn, whale, bear)

-should be decided democratically because BdP is a democratic organization

-have to ask two or three questions for lead Betreuers

J) Archery

-@ Bogenschiessenplatz

-everyone in the group should shoot at least two arrows

-Station Betreuers should teach the safety and technique and make sure everyone gets a chance to shoot. Do the normal progression, start with one arrow one-at-a-time, then have three arrows for the kids to shoot, at least one round, two if the kids want to do it again.

K) Astronomy


-be able to name two constellations and find the North Star

-hopefully it will be dark enough to spot a constellation

-learn about what is different in the southern sky

L) Mapping

-@ Volleyballplatz

-figuring out where to set up a campsite on a fictional map drawn in the sand

-learn how to read a map

-or draw a map of Waldsee in the sand

-learn trail marking signs


Lagerfeuer with Chai tea and songs am Strand.

Perhaps a campfire story or two (Vogellisi, Wilhelm Tell, Rotkäppchen, Founding of Waldsee, Märchen).

Learn different claps if groups teach a song (scout clap, round of applause, rain clap, knocking).

Any questions, ask Hilde.