First of all the dinner is outside in Marktplatz so all the tables need to be outside. After eating, each house gets money which will be used to play. The entire house together decides upon who they are betting for on the horse race and how much they are betting. Then the race takes place auf dem Marktplatz and the winning houses get more money. The running counselors need to run/walk in a lustig way. They might fall asleep, go the wrong way, get a phone call, drink water, etc. which makes it more interesting for everyone. When the race is over we get to eat more or finish the meal while the counselors for every house distribute the money that villagers will use to play kasino. Then the kasino games begin. There are different games around the Marktplatz such as:

    • 21

    • Roulette (oft mit dem "Spiel des Lebens" Rad)

    • Craps

    • Hoch/Niedrig

    • Spielautomat

  • Baccarat

    • Gummibären raten (wie viele sind in einer Marmaladenglass?)

    • Lotto/Bingo

    • Menschliche Slots (Betreuer als Slot-Maschine)

    • Flick-Flack

Hier ist eine interaktive Präsentation von dem Österreichen Casino Verband (it loads slowly, but it is pretty cool)