Fussball Abend


1. Pass the ball (Fussballplatz)

Here you play a game like "keep away" the counselors are in the middle of the circle made up of the kids

2. Singing (Waldbuehne)



1 und 2 und 3 und

54, 74, 90, 20xx

ja so stimmen wir alle ein

Mit dem Herz in der Hand

und der Leidenschaft im Bein

werden wir Weltmeister sein

3. Politzist, Hooligan, Schiedsrichter (Rock, paper, scissors) (Center of Markplatz)

Politzist are stronger than Hooligans, Hooligans are stronger than Schiedsrichter and Schiedsrichter are stronger than Politzist.

Politzist have a riot shield, Hooligans have a beer and Schiedsrichter have a whistle.

4. Learn about German teams (Vor dem Gasthof)

Love/Hate mit Bayern Muenchen

League Winners 2010




5. The best soccer player of all times in Germany (Stadtpark)

Kids learn about 3 soccer players and have to decide upon who is the best soccer player.




6. Fouls (Bank)

They see a situation and have to decide on whether it is a yellow card, red card, or not a foul at all.

Rules for yellow/red cards

Print examples to show the kids here.

7. Cheers (Cafe Einbeck)

Here the kids are going to learn about some cheers from the soccer teams in Germany.

An example could be the FC Bayern Lyrics:

Mir san die Bayern,

vom Rot-Weißen Bayern!

Dem Land, das der Fußball regiert!

Mir san die Bayern,

heut werden wir feiern,

weil Bayern schon wieder mal führt!

youtube video

8. Scarf, headbands and facepaint (Worpswede)

Here the kids will get to make all kinds of material cheers (we need paper, paint, masking tape, face paint)

Team Logos

At the end everyone will go to oben im Gasthof and we will all watch a soccer game (highlights from the game or something like that).