Das Rheinspiel

Gruppe 1: Der Rhein ist 865 km lang.

Gruppe 2: Der Anfang des Rheins ist in Engadin, Schweiz

Gruppe 3: Lied: “Oh, du wunderschöner, deutscher Rhein

O, du wunderschöner, deutscher Rhein, du sollst ewig Deutschlands Zierde sein. O, du wunderschöner, deutscher Rhein, du sollst ewig Deutschlands Sein.Gruppe 4: Lied: “Wenn das Wasser…

Wenn das Wasser im Rhein gold’ner Wein wär’

Ja, dann möchte ich so gern ein Fischlein sein.

Ach, wie könnte ich dann saufen,

bräuchte keinen Wein zu kaufen,

Denn das Faß vom Vater Rhein wird niemals leer.


Gruppe 5: Lied “Waldsee Boogie” – das zu singen

Gruppe 6: Spiel: Boppidee-boppidee-bop – das mit dem Dorfbewohner zu spielen (Fallen)

Gruppe 7: Lied: “Kopf, Schulter, Knie und Zeh” – das zu singen (Fallen)

Die Lorelei: Tatjana

Der Rheinwein ist bei Haus Katja.

Die Kindergruppen kommen zu euch und fragen: „Wie kommt man durch die Lorelei?“ Die Fallen antworten: „Wir wissen nichts von der Lorelei.“ und dann tun, was sie tun sollen. (Zum Beispiel: “Waldsee Boogie”) Die Gruppen mit Tatsachen über den Rhein geben die Auskünfte aus und schicken die Kinder weg. Die Gruppen mit Liedern lehren die Lieder. 1 station where Vater Rhein resides (Köln, in front of Kiosk). This staff member checks the sheets to make sure that each family has visited all the castles, plus Drachenfels and the Pfalz. If all is in order, s/he sends the group to the Lorelei. 1 station for the Lorelei (Köln unten). The Lorelei will lead a game of navigating through a narrow channel, (Initiative Games, pg. ) The Rheinfahrt can end after the first family has completed the course, or continue until all are done, depending on the time available. As closure, the winners should be announced and the whole group sings the song learned at the Kölner Dom.


_______________ and _______________, you are located at Burg Stolzenfels (Braubach) and Burg Katz (St. Goar). (1/2 of the families will come to each of you. If a 2nd group comes while you are involved with another, they must wait outside until you finish. Play Wind in the Willows, but present it as a seasick game. After 3 or 4 people have been in the middle, send the group to Schönburg (from Stolzenfels) or Stahleck (from Burg Katz). Don’t forget to sign their sheet.

_______________ and _________________, you are located at Schloss Rheinstein (Bingen) and Brömsburg (Königswinter). 1/2 of the families will come to each of you. Give them a brief explanation (review) of Fasching, then have them make masks. If a 2nd group comes, they must wait outside until the first group is done. Send the group on to ______________ (from Rheinstein) and Mäuseturm (from Brömsburg). Don’t forget to sign their sheet.

_______________ and __________________, you are located in the Mäuseturm (Mainz oben). 1/2 of the families will come ot each of you. Tell/act-out the story of the Mäuseturm, (attached). When you are done, sign their sheet and send them to Marksburg. Please wear a costume.

_______________, you are the Kerkerward, located in Bonn unten. Please find a costume to enhance your role. All families will come to you. If 2 come at once, the 2nd must wait outside until you are done with the first. After explaining what a Kerker is, choose one person to accompany you into the Kerker. Play Obst oder Gemüse with him/her.

Gemüse oder Obst: materials: 3 large bowls, one containing a vegetable, one a fruit and the last, some slimy substance, (noodles work well). Without looking, the person must reach into each bowl and tell you whether what it contains is Gemüse or Obst. After the game, sign their sheets and send the odd numbered families (1,3,5, etc.) to Burg Rheinfels, the even numbered ones to Burg Maus.

________________, you are the Drachen, located, natürlich, at Drachenfels (Mainz unten). Please dress appropriately!! All families will come to you. If two come at once, the 2nd must wait outside until you are finished with the first. Each family needs a coin from your hoard to continue on their Rheinfahrt. In order to get it, they must play Smaug’s Jewels (attached). Explain the game, emphasizing that they cannot touch you. If you tag all of them, they must go to the end of th line outside and try again. If they get the money, send them to the Pfalz.

_________________, you are the toll-collector at the Pfalz (Bonn oben). Explain that the Pfalz was a fortress located in the Rhein, where people had to pay tolls to pass. Then ask them for the money they won from the Drachen. If they don’t have it, send them back to Drachenfels. If they do, send them to Vater Rhein.

_________________, you are located in the Kölner Dom (kleine Küche). All families will come to you. If 2 come at once, the 2nd must wait outside. You will teach them a song (attached). Emphasize the fact that they must sing it at the end of the game. When they seem comfortable with it, sign their sheet and send them to Ehrenbreitstein.

_________________, you are Vater Rhein, located vor dem Kiosk in Köln. All families will come to you. Check their sheet to see that they have visited all 9 castles, Drachenfels and the Pfalz. If they have not, send them back. If they have, ask them to sing you a song about the Kölner Dom. If they can’t, send them back to Köln to re-learn it. If they can, let them past you to meet the Lorelei.

___________________, you are the Lorelei (unten in Köln), the final station of the Rheinfahrt. When each family comes to you, briefly re-tell the legend of the Lorelei. Then explain what they must do to pass you: 2 family members remain on the ship, blindfolded. The others become rocks in the Rhein, which has been taped on the floor. The ship must navigate the section of the river without hitting any of the rocks or the shore. The “rocks” may give directions – “Halt! Nach links!”, usw., but only auf Deutsch! If the ship hits a rock or English is spoken, the ship has been wrecked and must go to the end of the line and try again. They first ship to go through successfully wins. The winners may decorate their Faschingsmasken while other families try their luck.

LOGISTICS/SET-UP: Put up castle signs and directions. Make maps and sheets. Circle starting point for each family, making sure there is only one family per location.

In Köln: maps, sheets, pencils, canoe paddles with string and buckets of water for each family.

At Bingen and Königswinter: 10 scissors, pens/pencils and enough string and boxes for all participants.

In Bonn unten: 3 bowls, 1 fruit, 1 vegetable, noodles (cooked), 1 blindfold.

In Mainz unten: 16 ILV buttons covered with tin foil.

In Köln: (after families have left) one “river” taped to the floor. It should be approximately 5 feet wide and have at least one curve. 2 blindfolds.