Cluedo/Wer hat Koenig Ludwig ermordet?

Version 1:

This is a large-as-life version of Clue the board game. Villagers search for clues that help them eliminate possibilities until there is only one answer per category left. They then tell the group their assumption about who killed Koenig Ludwig.

Start with a Vorspiel in which Ludwig is killed and all of the characters are declared suspects. Then the groups go to stations and complete tasks for clues as to who did it, why, where, how... (whatever you decide on). The attached files are one example, but remember: you need to change which answer is not handed out to the villagers so that the game doesn't always have the same solution.

Version 2:

Start with a party oben im Gasthof or on the Marktplatz. Have the Figuren mingling with the villagers during the Party. After a few minutes, have a Diener come in and inform the party that Herr Schwarz was just found dead! All the villagers then sit on the Marktplatz and the Diener explains the game. All the Figuren stand with the Diener in front of the audience and accuse each other of committing the murder. The groups then find Stationen around the Marktplatz (or you can make a map with the stations already planned out) and receive cards at the end of each game. The Gruppenleiter need to have a Stift with them, so they can make an X for each Hinweis they receive. Remember to take out a Who, Where, and With what card BEFORE you hand out the envelopes to each Stationsleiter! ALL the Spielkarten that we used im Sommer 2011 are attached to this page.

Note: do not require to many stations! Each station can give out more than one clue if need be.

If the game goes too long, ring the bell and have all of Waldsee solve the crime together.

If it is too short, have three versions of what may have happened shown as small skits. The group can then say which they believe to be true.

Version 3:

You can also do this game with Kunstgeschichte. Choose famous German/Swiss/Austrian artists. They meet at a gallery and discover that the prize winning painting has been stolen. The other artists are all suspect (since they didn't win). The teams have to discover WHO stole it; HOW they escaped; and WHERE the painting was hidden. We actually taped a print of a Casper David Friedrich painting to the bottom of the board in the middle of the Marktplatz. The winning team found it and got to hang it in their Haus. The second set of attachments relate to this version of Cluedo.