New Abendprogramm Ideas

Reise durch die Grimmmärchen

Die drei ??? Stationsspiel— working together in teams to solve a mystery; questioning possible suspects; all teams gather at certain points to hear Hörspiele/see skits to further plot. Pretty much all role-playing, board game style, skit games

A day celebrating German film

Adapt another board games

Simulation: Märzrevolution/Frankfurter Nationalversammlung 1848. Factions of liberal revolutionaries, radical revolutionaries, conservatives, centrists. The various factions of the assembly are named after the places they met to strategize (Cafe Milani for conservatives, Donnersberg for the democrats). Topics of debate: what German-speaking areas are included in the nation? Should it be a hereditary monarchy, elected monarchy, republic? Loose federation or strong central govt? Debate and drafting of a new Paulskirchenverfassung. Could also include group that stands outside of assembly - aristocrats in Prussia, etc. This might be an idea for a smaller self-selected group. . .

Simulation: Flüchtlingskrise

Simulation: Umsiedlung